children at circle time

Students at BPCP achieve kindergarten readiness and social development through a dynamic curriculum that promotes empowerment, creativity, and fun.

9:00 Large Motor Development

The day begins with large muscle activities through unstructured outdoor play in a private playground or, in the event of inclement weather, a large indoor gym.

9:30 Circle Time and Show-and-Tell

During circle time, teachers maintain students’ excitement about learning through activities including puppetry, art, yoga, singing, and stories. The curriculum covers engaging subjects such as outer space, tropical rain forests, transportation, ocean life, and fairy tales. Students also participate in show-and-tell, practicing public speaking and listening skills while connecting home and school interests.

10:00 Area Time

Through self-directed play, students explore the classroom’s art, science, building, dramatic play, music, and reading centers. This range of choice allows students to develop their personal interests and sense of self.

11:15 Snack Time

Children enjoy social time and a snack provided by the parent helper.

11:30 Group Activity and Story Time

The day ends with students and teachers coming together for large motor activities such as yoga, games, or dancing.

12:00 Goodbye

Each day at BPCP, students gain the skills and confidence they need to become lifelong learners.